How about an update?

*breathes* It’s about the first time I have time to post in a week! I have been insanely busy, but at least I’m not on the verge of a nervous breakdown or anything…yet. In fact I took it quite easy today. I went to the library to read the stuff for theater class, then Poetry class made me want to watch Dead Poets Society again…Teachers have this thing about mentionning movies in class…anyway so I got that to find out that they even have monty python movies at the uni’s library! Ha! So I watched DPS- cried my eyes out- I don’t think it had affected me so much when I was in high school. And that’s the sign that I’m getting waaaaay too emotional.

My best friend is going through another emotional crisis…for a change. (sense the sarcasm here). Really it’s crazy how this girl has trouble moving on. It’s like she can’t just cut everything out…And I want chocolate! Looks like I’m craving it again, because I’m not hungry at all, but my body demands chocolate. And I have no excuse at all! *rolls eyes at self* Yes it does happen that suddenly…

Ok feeling better. I got a mythological topic for Art History! 🙂 But it was really close between di Cosimo, which I picked and who painted Perseus Frees Andromeda… I’m just too lazy to play around with the pic editor so if you’re that curious: So it was tight between him and Durer who also painted this really droolable knight right here:,mort,diable.jpg But since the project on Durer dealt more with Durer in himself than with the painting, I chose to stick with di Cosimo.

And what do you know, I’ll be able to catch the 9:00 movie downstairs! That almost never happens… *oooohhh*

But tomorrow I really have to work. I’ll write my thing for Lit Criticism- really is it just me, or if you look out of the university circle where we study smart books, modern *literature* doesn’t have any layers anymore??-Like Dante’s literal, allegorical, moral and anagogical thing makes a lot of sense, but is it still there??? Like when you look at what the majority of people read -in a world where we all have access to education- these books hardly get to level 2! Now it is ironic that some Middle Age guy, who lived in a time where like a person out of a million could read, comes up with this? Back then, few people could understand that and now everyone could, but it seems people look for the easy way out and lose the will to learn…

Anyway I’m off to catch that movie… I don’t even know what it is… I think some thing about world war II. 


Cuteness attack!

Ok you guys have to check this site out, it’s soooo cute (I don’t know in what type of english the comments are in, but it’s still legible)

Some of my friends will just say I like animals too much, but these dog pics cracked me up… and they have it for cats too 😛


I’m dead. Really I think my reincarnated self is writing this post because my brain is currently inexsistant. Today I finished Robinson Crusoe (and omg is that book colonial and really capitalist! I didn’t expect that from a travel story… or now a story about “How-being-stuck-on-an-island-for-28-years-made-me-turn-into-a-power-freak-and-an-opportunist”)lol Well I can’t say I wasn’t warned because the introduction mentioned it. And I also read Aristotle’s poetics (will write the paper tomorrow after work though) and Oedipus. So now I feel like bleeh.Now the question is how long am I going to last this evening (and WHY have I been hungry all day???)

So work tomorrow…then a day off…I totally have to answer some letters and…it’s too hard for me to think even a few days ahead. I hope I’ll get mythological paintings for the Art History project though… I’ll go check the website and see.

First week!

So the first week is over… well almost, I still have two classes to go to, but I know what to expect and that means no modernists this semester! Now I can’t tell you people how relieved that makes me (and also that it’s 6:55 in the morning and I can’t type so sorry for all the typos…Random comment? Ok moving on….)

Really there’s nothing like an slc teacher. One of them is my Romantic Poetry teacher and I forgot how really crazy (in the good sense) and random these guys can be (and also how much reading they give lol). But all of the teachers are got so far are great and some of them even have a background in Old and Middle English (so yay for me because I’m probably the only geek in the whole student population who’s crazy about this… I really loved the Exeter riddles… designed for a mind from the Middle-Ages and I got half of them right! mwahaha!!!)

Sometimes I feel like I’m turning into a plant (yes and that’s only a small example of all the things I’ve comparing myself too lately lol). Like I totally need the sun for me to feel awake and mentally there and that’s completely new. Hence: is the sun going to come up yet??? I mean it’s 7:06 come on… *yawns* And to say that I used to crave darkness lol. I want to go to bed so thank the Valar for Ensiferum…

And writing an entry at that time in the morning is a very bad idea *yawns*. This morning I was so tried it was confusing… I couldn’t even find the stuff in my room… which had been a lot messier than this.

7:12 Note to self: Please wake up!!!

Classes start today!

The title says it all, I’m having my first class at 3:30 this afternoon. Poetry. lol I hope we start with epic poetry and BeowulfBut I know I’m dreaming, though it would be both fun and fitting because Beowulf is the first work of literature found in the English language and it happens to be a poem, but so far, only a former (and also Tolkien obsessed) cegep English teacher of mine acknowledged that.

Weird things have been happening lately. I think my best friend and I are really falling out this time. We’re not fighting or anything like that, but we talk less and less, simply because we have nothing to say to each other anymore. In cegep, out differences didn’t really matter, but now I feel they are catching up. And we don’t really understand one another now either. We both changed since cegep (it’s only been a few months, how can people change that much?? But it did happen…) and I feel we’re taking different directions. I’m becoming stranger by the minute and the other day, it surprised me how utterly pinkified she had become. The same thing is happening with her than it happened with another cegep friend (whom I hadn’t had new of in months and even if I did, we would be nothing more than mere acquitances) It’s a strange thing though, to see your friends change, become only a shell of what they could be and finally fall into the mainstream in all its superficiality. Oh well,… but isn’t this strange that this doesn’t hurt at all? I knew it would happen, but it makes me wonder, how many other friends will change like this? Am I the only one who had principles and sticks to them and won’t give them up on a whim? Will I be the last one standing?

*sighs* Ok music! Dark the Suns: I love this band! On first listening, it doesn’t have anything I haven’t heard before: it’s your typical gothic band: growls, heavy guitars, keyboards and simple melodies. But once it has you hooked, you’re really hooked. I think what’s really beautiful about this band is it’s simplicity. I mean it has not orchestral stuff or operatics like the stuff I usually listen to, but the whole thing together really grips you.

And here’s a little youtube sample, because I can’t upload mp3s:


Ok that didn’t make any sense… Nor am I. I’m currently fighting to stay awake, I can’t get more than level 10 at tetris and there’s not a muscle in my body that’s not hurting because work was Mordor and I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last two hours (really??? Gee….). So what a better way to stay awake than a blog entry?! lol. I’m currently laughing at myself too.

So! Semester starts tomorrow (but tuesday for me because I don’t have classes on mondays :P). And that’s one thing I WON’T do (falling asleep in front of my desk that is)

And I don’t even have any inspiration to write about anything else that does not have to do with sleep, so I will end this here…and probably delete this in the morning…lol. 


Looks like I’m back at studying Sindarin!Yesterday my CoE studying friend came up with loads of charts and Tengwar info ti cure me of my evening boredom (I desperatle needed a distraction, or I was going to crash… can’t say I didn’t expect it, but I managed to get away from it luckily). So now I have the whole day to go over this because work was cancelled and I’ll only be working tomorrow… I better print out that Tengwar chart too, because we might start writing Tengwar letters as well. I know I’ve been syaing this for ages, but I really ought to start a Tengwar journal… Here’s another thing I could look for! Tengwar or Futhark penapals! Just kidding… I know this would be *a little* difficult to find (and besdies, I think I’m crazy enough as it is!)

So short post this morning, since last evening consisted mainly of  me getting back to Elvish (and all the Elf insanity that goes with it! mwahaha!!)

Post of randomness (because I’m too lazy to put a title)

I think I have a lot of penpals. Really. The situation occured to me yesterday, when I had three other letters in my mail box, which means something like six letters in two days. (And that’s not even all of my penpals, because I sent two letters last week and another two or three I didn’t get a reply to yet) I answered three and the rest will go next week. Now how did I get so many penpals in a few months, that is the question. It’s great though.  And when I look bacl on it, the last few months were quite crazy… no wonder my grades are so crappy (Ì’ll averge like an in between  B plus and A-So how about I don’t distort my sleep cycle?? But I haven’t been doing this for quite a while, so everything should be back to normal and I’m really looking forward to know what books I’ll be reading this semester, but hardly anyone bothered posting that yet. I only know that I’ll have to buy some anthology for Romantic Poetry and that I’ll be studying Tolkien, Woolf and someone else I can’t remember in History of Literary Criticism. *drools*Now I hope these new smileys work. Downloaded the Kiwee toolbar yesterday and now I get a buch of codes on my page and I have no idea how this will appear once I post. And now I have to go to the pharmacy (and it’s kind of snowstormy outside: Noooooo!!!!!) And after that I’ll clean my room…not that I’m dying to do that, but it really needs to be done before the semester starts.

I’m back!

I got back from my parents’ yesterday evening. There was such a windstorm (and my parents’ street was about the only place in the whole province of Quebec that still didn’t have power by the evening :S) so they decided to take me home as we went to lunch. So that means I got up at a decent hour this morning, checked my e-mail, CoE and chatted with my South-Korean friend, whom I’m totally jealous of by the way because she’ll be living in England for a year after her winter break. *drools*…and she’ll go to scotland too *drools even more* (because we both agreed that the scottish accent was way cutter than the british one :P… just kidding (even though this is kind of true :P), but I like scotland more than england anyway :))

Ok enough fangirling…

I GOT THE TOLKIEN RELATED CLASS!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!:D 😀 So the Tolkien obsessiveness will pay off sometime this april. And if this is like when I worked on Tolkien in cegep, this is totally going to be free marks! 😀 Plus, in that same class we get to study Virginia Woolf’s A Room of her Own, which will be great because I wanted to read that some while ago and never had the time, and I totally agree with “A woman needs to have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” 😛

And now I’m going to get dressed, because I’m going shopping today! 😀

This is so cute!!!

The brown dog in the end is of the same breed as my Bruno, only Bruno has a black nose and greener eyes. *hugs Bruno* 😀

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